Or vote for change. Vote Swedish horse.

May 6, 2010 at 6:38 am | Posted in election, politics | 2 Comments
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You know it makes sense

Despite being besieged by the Conservatives in the form of personalised letters from Cameron himself (it’s as if he actually knows me – how creepy is that?), and besieged by Labour in the form of Gwyn Prosser’s tying a red balloon to Jude’s pushchair last week, I am still undecided.  I know that I have to vote by 10pm, but I’m still not sure which L will sway me – Labour or Lib Dem?

Cameron’s policies make me sick.  He’s the anti-Robin Hood; the richest will get more tax breaks and one fifth of Sure Start centres will go with him as Prime Minister.  I would never vote Tory anyway, but his policies wouldn’t exactly be an incentive for me to do so, were I ever completely to change my beliefs (see you at the ice rink in hell).

So I say, vote Swedish horse.  It will stand there and look pretty while we storm the Houses of Parliament and remove whomever happens to get in (does it really matter – will they really solve youth unemployment and increase the state pension and Jobseeker’s Allowance?).  Who needs a Prime Minister who speaks, when you can have a pretty wooden equine?  Let’s just hope it’s not a Trojan.



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  1. Well done Amy!

    Rather fun post. Love the idea of the Swedish Horse being a Trojan one and various politicians jumping out in the middle of the night!

    Still undecided over who to vote for in Dover and Deal…


    Asher x x x

  2. One thing’s for sure it’s going to take any government a while to get us completely out of this recession (despite various politicians declaring that we’re already out of it, it doesn’t feel like it to me). I don’t think they see past making a fast buck for themselves; there is no long-term plan, just give the proletariat some old bumpf to keep them sweet (Marx saw straight through this) and make as much as we can while we can get away with it. Gordon Brown is a thoroughly nice bloke and has had to take the rap for Iceland, just because he is in number 10. We all know that there is a monopoly on wealth and if the poor benefit then something must happen to the wealthy in the form of taxes, and they won’t have that. Think about it and cast your vote wisely, on the other hand we could all go with Amy and vote for the horse (probably makes as much sense)…

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