Do I look like a girly girl to you?

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I didn't have an umbrella, alright?

I’ll start with a couple of disclaimers:  I never wear jeans, am incredibly vain and am obviously pregnant in the photo above.  So, we can conclude that not only am I a woman (sorry for being ridiculously obvious, but you know), I could also never be described as a tomboy.

Then again, I am convinced I am the man in my relationship (in no way do I mean this in a physical sense).  Asher bows down at the throne of Richard Curtis (he also loves war films and Bond, to give him credit), I crack up every single time Jenna and I watch ‘our’ film , ‘Misery’.  (Anyone who doesn’t laugh when Annie Wilkes says she’s going to put on her Liberace records needs a personality bypass.)  Asher bought me this card for Valentine’s Day:

whilst I bought him this:

You get my point?

So it really rather pissed me off when some foul man asked me recently whether or not I liked Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy, and, after I said yes, implied that he wouldn’t like them, because I’m a ‘girly’ (yes, he really said that).  Oh, I’m sorry: I didn’t realise that literature had become gender specific now.  Heaven forbid that both the female of the species and the greater sex enjoy the same book.  Christ, is that the time?  I better get back to my manicure and Mills and Boon bonkbuster.  (Exit in my pink Nissan Micra complete with pink furry dice, pink  headrest covers and pink steering wheel cover. )



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  1. Theresa May is definitely a token appointee. As is Baroness Warsi, the Conservative co-chair(wo)man, who is both a token woman and a token Muslim. More tokenism for all than fairness for all.

    PS: thanks for the blog linkage above. Free publicity always accepted!

    • No worries – long s you put me on your blogroll too 🙂

  2. Heh, nice post. You look like Audrey Hepburn’s hellraising sister in that pic. (; And how ironic that punter should’ve picked on Salander for that distinction. I prescribe a night with Annie’s hobbling apparatus a little further up the legs …

    Like your thoughts on gender. Men are definitely the worst offenders on the patronising comments front (though I’ve seen plenty of women slip comparable insults, even sexual crudity in the workplace under the radar on the pretext of good humour.) Far as relationships, go we’ll probably always need a little of the ol’ ‘archetypal’ traits in the opposite sex and a little empathy with our own, I guess; but it’s far from the whole story. E.g: you’ll hear women say they want a guy to share & be in touch with his feelings, but nothing shares the shit out of a woman more than one who’s TOO in touch with them.

    This might sound crass, but I always say the ideal relationship gender role-wise was Tom & Barbara Good ( …!) Barb’ was strong & ballsy and perfectly complimentary to Tom without sacrificing her essential will or femininity. Tom respected her decisions but was still wearing the trousers. Barbara’s home-made knitted trousers.

    If this sounds like me posturing as someone who thinks he’s mastered gender politik, f*** no. My last girlfriend was a total city chick from Manchester and didn’t need my help with anything (‘cept maybe wiring a plug) and at times my ego was probably threatened. But it’s also why I loved her. In a strange way, your discussion brought it to mind, especially the example of those cards. I was the artistic, slightly sensitive, indecisive yin, she was the chain-smoking impulsive yang. In our case, classic Arean/Libran split. “Men are from Mars, Women Venus?” Um, yeah, not when male Libran = Venus and female Aries = Mars … ):

    That you can celebrate and make it a source of strength is touching to me really.

    P.S: RICHARD CURTIS?? What an oogie mess …

    • No help with anything? Well, that’s a bit much. Everyone’s crap at something, surely? I haven’t got a clue about how to set things up; Asher does all that round here. I know the Libran-Arian opposition very well: I’m a Libran, and my last boyfriend was an Arian. ‘Nuff said.

      • My dad is Aries, three of my exes have been Aries, and most of the friends I’ve had major issues with … Aquaruis? No, Aries. I think the universe is probably trying to tell me to something about The God of War and sign of Adolf Hitler. Aries women are socially impressive, but the bossiest in the Zodiac by a mile, and seem impossible of discerning the difference between directness & rudeness. While Libran men, of course, are passive aggressive little pussies bitching about it 3 years after the fact … (*rollseyes*)

        Oh, and good luck with Sugar Baby Love. A girly blog name for this scowling urbane sophisticate? Offensive. (;

  3. Well, hope that’s barely legible; it crunched up all my paragraph spacing for some reason. ):

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