Clear the snow on your property! It’s your civic duty

February 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Snow | 2 Comments
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Why is it that we are the only household on my street to have cleared the snow from the pathway to our front door, as well as the pavement outside? Are you waiting for the council or the snow fairy to do it? Or do you think it’s going to melt soon? I’ll see you at the ice rink in hell, shall I?

You would not have relished being one of the people I admonished en route to my son’s nursery Monday. This journey took me fifteen minutes instead of the usual five, dear reader: all because my fellow Deal residents are too selfish and lazy to clear the snow away from outside their properties.

Robert Crampton, I salute you. The council won’t clear this infernal snow, so we should do it ourselves.



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  1. It is the abundance of Daily Mail readers in Deal that lead to this phenomenon. They have all been scared by Richard Little John into thinking that they will be sued if someone slips.

    Of course anyone with a brain knows this to be a myth.

    • What, that people should clear the snow? What I really want to know is, did YOU clear the snow from outside your house?!

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