Go Buffy for fighting the pro-life lobby

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There is an infamous Sex and the City episode in which Miranda decides she is going to have an abortion. Carrie and Samantha support her (Carrie has had an abortion, Samantha has had three), but Charlotte is very much opposed to her decision. This is understandable, as she has encountered massive difficulties in attempting to become pregnant herself.

Let me get one thing straight: I am not in favour of abortion as a form of birth control. I know that there are women out there who have had countless abortions, and there is really no need for such carelessness when there are so many forms of contraception nowadays.

But on the other hand, I am very much in favour of abortion where rape, drug use, poverty or domestic violence are concerned. And I am also in favour of the average woman having an abortion simply because she doesn’t want a child.

I appreciate that abortion is not pleasant. I know that the later it takes place, the more pain the foetus or baby experiences. It is clearly a horrible procedure for everyone concerned, but I believe that it is also sometimes a necessary procedure. Better to have an abortion, than to subject a child to a life of crime, poverty or lovelessness.

When I became pregnant almost three years ago, it was an accident. I was at a very bad place in my relationship and in my life in general; I was smoking and drinking a lot, the latter mostly alone, and I was listening to a lot of sad music and making a lot of late night phone calls. I don’t want a pity party: I’m just telling it like it was.

So as you might imagine, when I discovered I was pregnant, it was a massive shock. Not a shock in the sense that it wasn’t possible; clearly, some decisions in the bedroom had been coloured by alcohol and sadness. More a shock in the sense that I didn’t feel ready to have a child, nor feel that my relationship was stable enough. I spent the first three months of my pregnancy in a very dark place, and I certainly thought about abortion at times. I began my pregnancy on Citalopram, but the idiot locum I saw to confirm I was pregnant told me to stop taking it immediately. Luckily, when I phoned my midwife a week later, screaming that I just wanted to lie down in the road and be run over, another doctor put me back on it.

I’m so glad I had Jude; he is now a beautiful little two year old boy who loves trains, trucks, crayons and Bob the Builder. But I would never ever judge another woman for having an abortion, and so I applaud Joss Whedon for having the courage to decide that Buffy should have one. And I count my blessings that I live in a country in which I could have had one.


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