A Room of One’s Own

February 12, 2012 at 7:09 pm | Posted in home, living alone, singledom | 3 Comments
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According to the New York Times, 34% of British households have only 1 occupant. I am looking forward to becoming part of that percentage very, very soon.

It’s not as if I don’t like people. In fact, two of my favourite things to do are talking and people watching, and they are hardly solitary activities. But those who know me well will also know that I am intolerant, impatient and argumentative: hardly ideal qualities for cohabiting. Indeed, lovely as they are, and grateful as I am for all the support they’ve given me, I do struggle to live with my parents.

Some people really do not, or would not, like to live alone. Why? I suppose they aren’t comfortable enough in their own company. Whereas I, a quasi only child with a brother of almost 40, a sister of 40 and another of 44, and the only child of my parents’ marriage, really relish my time alone. I spent so many hours as a child playing by myself with my dolls, or on my bike, or writing stories, that it’s never been a problem. It’s actually rather always been a pleasure. Yes, I enjoyed going to friends’ houses and meeting their siblings. It was like watching The Waltons: rather twee, and strange to imagine myself a part of it, but nice to experience for a short while.

It’s a form of selfishness, but I can’t wait to live alone and have things exactly the way I want them. It will be bliss.



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  1. it will be bliss amy; trust me – and when you desire company, the social networks will never let you down. And being on your own is a life experience like no other… Good luck my friend

  2. Alone, but seldom lonely.
    I think I might end up living with a lady who hates people, she says it would be just fine. We are different though … she hates people for very good reason. I don’t hate people I just see exactly where each is wrong in their way with the world. I don’t care if it’s me or it’s them … the result is the same. I do try to be diplomatic … but sooner or later I’ll just say thanks guys, and come back here to the shack on this hillside in the middle of rural nowhere. Just me. Have a coffee and smile.

  3. […] YOU magazine about the rise of the half sibling in Britain. I have written about being a quasi only child before, and have also defended my right only to have one child in a 2010 post. But I have not yet […]

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