To be honest…I’d rather you weren’t honest

February 20, 2012 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Children, Jewellery, Names | 2 Comments
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In general, I’d rather people were honest with me. If I’m doing a bad job, or am being unfair in some way, yes, I’d rather you told me. Honesty is certainly the best policy in the workplace, particularly in retail, where bad decisions can mean bad sales.

But how should you react when a friend/customer/random tells you their new baby is called Limerick/Crocus/Whoopie Pie? Pull a shocked face? Vomit? Express concern for the child’s future? No, reader. The only sensible reaction is to smile and say, ‘Oh, ok’ in a friendly but non-committal manner. Because people who name their children unusually will be suspicious if you pretend to be excited at the prospect of a baby Poppy Honey Lana Del Ray.

Similarly, when I showed someone my new cameo ring today, I neither a) asked for an opinion; nor b) welcomed their honesty when she said she thought it was ‘horrible’. But then, it’s a mark of intelligence and class if you know when to be honest, and when to be polite, don’t you think?



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  1. When some one shows you something personal they usually expect a comment. In my experience the closer your relationship is with that person the greater the prospect of an honest remark. The expression of an honest opinion has nothing to do with intelligence or class. When the answer is something you dont want to hear, it is simply because of that individual’s inability to mind read.

    • I agree, although I knew the person I was trying to show the ring to would like what I was showing them, so it wouldn’t have been a case of not wanting an honest response as such, because I was pretty confident I’d get a good one. This post only came about because the person with them interjected and said that the ring was ‘horrible’, which I personally thought was unhecessary and showed a lack of intuition, perhaps, if not intelligence. For all she knows, the ring belonged to my recently deceased grandmother. I just think that saying, ‘It’s not my kind of thing’ rather than ‘That’s horrible!’ would have shown more class, to be honest…!

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