Kissing For Idiots

May 10, 2012 at 9:37 pm | Posted in Emailing, Kissing, Texting | 2 Comments
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If you hang out (can you do so beyond the age of 23?) in the cool set in my home town, a continental kiss (a peck on each cheek, if you’re not cool enough to know) is an obligatory greeting. Only one member of this set is actually French, but those are the rules: it’s the tactile equivalent of calling everyone ‘Darling’.

Carole Midgley’s article on textiquette in today’s Times 2 is what lead me to write this post. If you are unsure whether or not to ‘X’ at the end of a text, or are interested in why we may or may not follow this practice, then read it.

I am firmly of the ‘Darling’ camp: shamelessly, I scatter my missives with ‘X’s and ‘x’s like a polyamorous canine, marking my territory. Even my boss gets a textual kiss, although were she not female, I very much doubt that that would be the case.

Midgley has her own rule for ‘X’ing: only to family and people with whom she has sexual relations (can one utter that phrase without thinking of Monica and Bill?). I would add that you shouldn’t give a written kiss to anyone you wouldn’t kiss in real life (a peck on the cheek, of course: I’m not talking about a full-on Frenchie). But then, I’m much more likely to ‘X’ the page than your face, as I’m not the world’s most tactile person.

There are no rules, basically. My niece doesn’t ‘X’ me, but fittingly, all my exes do.



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  1. non-tactile people of the world unite! I am NOT alone! x

    • Indeed! *stands well back* X

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