People, take my advice. If you love someone, don’t think twice.

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How the hell I forgot the immortal and gloriously kitsch Sugar Baby Love in my happy tunes blog yesterday, I’ll never know. Songs with people speaking speaking halfway through should make a renaissance. I’m thinking I’m Not In Love and Is That All There Is?, people.

Que sera sera…..

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….and here is the antidote to earlier’s cheerless tunes. Doris never fails to sort me out, but in her absence, here are some other fabulous offerings:

1) Pulp, ‘Naked’. One line in this never fails to crack me up. You know the one.

2) David Bowie, ‘Modern Love’. The sentiment is unfailingly refreshing, and the tempo is gloriously 80s.

3) Hole, ‘Celebrity Skin’. Such a song to sing your heart out to.

4) Elbow, ‘One Day Like This’. For making me want to get up in the morning.

5) MGMT, ‘Kids’. Just for being amazing.

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die….

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….uplifting tunes for Britain’s Bluest Monday. Sit back, pour yourself a gin and tonic and practise positive visualisation.

1) Johnny Cash, ‘Hurt’. Does everyone you love go away in the end? Then listen to this song.

2) The Carpenters, ‘Goodbye to Love’. Or in fact anything by The Carpenters; Karen’s melancholy vocals are enough to make anyone reach for the razor.

3) Joy Division, ‘ Love Will Tear Us Apart’. Perfect for the tragic bedsit romance.

4) David Bowie, ‘Quicksand’. For knowledge comes with ‘death’s release’, apparently.

5) Lou Reed, Berlin. Purely for the crying child.

That’s all. Don’t be too sad.

It’s been a while…………

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Doob looking confused

………….and in that while, I have:

1) Spent three months on a lead bookseller secondment at Tenterden;

2) Spent 5 weeks on a lead bookseller secondment at Ashford;

3) And drunk copious amounts of gin.

So how are all you guys, whoever reads this?  I’m in a strange place – work is good, Jude is good, but other things are weird.  I’m not sure where I’ll be living this time next year, I’m not sure where I’ll be working, and I’m not sure which brand of gin will be in my fridge (but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Gordon’s: Bombay Sapphire is offensive). 

Brilliant episode of Benders tonight – anyone else watch it?  Janine shut Ryan in the freezer, Ian nearly slept with Glenda, Glenda slept with Phil and Ian was caught hiding in Zainab’s cupboard under the stairs  Hilarious all round, really.  I enjoyed Phil and Shirley’s Delboy-esque wallpaper in particular.

Today, I have mostly had Prefab Sprout in my head, smoked and drank gin.  I have also been reminiscing about someone very close to my heart.  Goodnight, gin bless.

P.S. Oops – hadn’t realised quite how much Doob looks like Devil Child in this photo.  Never mind.

Really? You want to break out the booze and have a ball?

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Doesn’t sound like it, Peggy.

It occurred to me earlier that many songs either have upbeat tempos and depressing lyrics, or upbeats lyrics and depressing tempos.  Peggy Lee’s ‘Is That All There Is?’ is a  classic example.  Yes, she’s basically talking about the fact that failing to be impressed by much is a sure sign that the black dog’s at your door.  But do you really take her seriously when she suggests we ‘break out the booze’?  Ladies and gents, would you really want Peggy Lee at your party?

Likewise, was Ian Curtis trying to cheer himself up when his own uplifting guitar chords on ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ were such a contrast to the lyrics?  Or was he merely showing us that life can be sunrise – beautiful one minute and horrendous the next?

I dunno.  They’re great tunes, though.

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