Round, round, round, round, I get around

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I want to do this to my face right now

Today, I have:

1) Washed up;

2) Been to Birchington to pick up ‘1’ and ‘6’ shaped cake tins;

3) Decided against said ‘1’ and ‘6’ shaped cake tins, remembering how they love to stick to the tin and end up resembling a toddler’s rendition of  what they are supposed to be;

4) Watched my bacon sandwich get cold in a cafe full of old people;

5) Experienced an urgent desire to tear down Conservative placards, and been thwarted only by the fact that I was driving past at 50 (it’s fine, I’ll go back tomorrow);

6) Phoned Asher and moaned at him for not leaving a note when he went out (I am embarassed about this: I used to be such a carefree person.  But I had to make these goddamn cakes, goddamnit!);

7) And made enough cake to render the legs of a flamingo obese.

And now I am very, very tired.  So tired I no longer care about food, or Christian and Syed’s future, or what I’m going to wear tomorrow. (Christ, I really must be feeling it.)

It’s time for . Goodnight, dahlings.

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