Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh…..

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…………or not.  Not only can I not sleep, and have been forced to confront the Clipper Sleep Easy tea which smells of manure and other unwanted countryside fragrances, but I also still have the freaking Carpenters in my head (Goodbye to Love, to be precise).  Nice and uplifting for 2am on a Sunday morning in winter.

If I lived here, I would go outside for a cigarette, or, better still, have a cheeky fag in the flat, but this is my friend Emma’s place, and she probably wouldn’t be too impressed by the smell of tobacco, given her ex-smoker status.

So, I have work tomorrow at 9:30; great, let’s hope I’ve managed to actually get some sleep by then, given the fact that I have to drive to Thanet and may have to cash up/operate heavy machinery (ok, well, Phoenix is neither ‘heavy’ not a ‘machine’, but there you go.

I’m not prone to imsomnia, but I am susceptible to bouts of nervous energy; it’s one of the reasons for my recent weight loss, along with too many fags and an aversion to breakfast.  My brain is at its most active at the most inconvenient times, lately, mainly because I am no longer living with my son and therefore no longer need to be a lark.  I’ve never quite decided if it’s a lark or an owl I am naturally; I was an owl at university until prescribed Prozac, which turned me into the larkiest of larks, for want of a more suitable epithet.  If you need to be wide awake and raring to go at 5am, I heartily recommend it.

It is now 2:10am and I am starting to worry, given the fact that my morning shower and subsequent attempt to get a comb through my sodden hair really require me to rise at 7:30.  Yes, many an all-nighter was pulled during my university days, but I would not advocate doing so when you actually have to work for a living.  Nevertheless, despite the hour and the fumes of toxic, manure-esque Clipper tea invading my nostrils, I am decidedly bright-eyed.  I need a lullaby from W H Auden.

The other day, my dad (I am chez parents while waiting to move into my new house) walked in and woke me from a delicious dream.  I was playing a clown on Eastenders and Hilary Mantel had offered to give me free piano lessons and pay me £350 a week to write.  Nice work if you can get it, eh?

It’s been a while…………

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Doob looking confused

………….and in that while, I have:

1) Spent three months on a lead bookseller secondment at Tenterden;

2) Spent 5 weeks on a lead bookseller secondment at Ashford;

3) And drunk copious amounts of gin.

So how are all you guys, whoever reads this?  I’m in a strange place – work is good, Jude is good, but other things are weird.  I’m not sure where I’ll be living this time next year, I’m not sure where I’ll be working, and I’m not sure which brand of gin will be in my fridge (but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Gordon’s: Bombay Sapphire is offensive). 

Brilliant episode of Benders tonight – anyone else watch it?  Janine shut Ryan in the freezer, Ian nearly slept with Glenda, Glenda slept with Phil and Ian was caught hiding in Zainab’s cupboard under the stairs  Hilarious all round, really.  I enjoyed Phil and Shirley’s Delboy-esque wallpaper in particular.

Today, I have mostly had Prefab Sprout in my head, smoked and drank gin.  I have also been reminiscing about someone very close to my heart.  Goodnight, gin bless.

P.S. Oops – hadn’t realised quite how much Doob looks like Devil Child in this photo.  Never mind.

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