They tried to make him use a different style icon, but he said no, no, no…

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Jean Paul Gaultier has been criticised by Mitch Winehouse for taking his daughter’s image and putting it on the catwalk.  What has added to the Winehouse family’s distress is that Gaultier’s collection has been shown a mere six months after Amy’s death.

I bought The Sun for the first time in my life, en route to London, when I saw this story, and I have to partially agree with the Winehouse family.  Gaultier’s dressing a model in a neon yellow outfit, styling her hair in a beehive and giving her a cigarette wasn’t just distasteful, it was mimicry rather than imitation.  But since seeing further coverage of the story in Grazia, I have to say that I admire Gaultier’s courage.   His primary-coloured beehives are stunning, and a real tribute to Amy.


Bring on the film fashion…

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.…I absolutely cannot wait for this:

My only quandary is which Fassbinder character to go as: Veronika Voss, Petra von Kant or Lola?

On the subject of Fassbinder (not to be confused with Michael Fassbender), I insist you all watch the BRD Trilogie right now.  The man is a total ledge.

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