The lardy cake lover returns…

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I am ridiculously excited about the new Worzel Gummidge film. It was one of my favourite programmes as a child; it made perfect sense to my developing logic that he should have different heads for different occasions. Aunt Sally remains a classic style icon, I think: although she might want to tone down the blusher.

If you’re reading this, Peter Jackson, I’d like to play Aunt Sally. Cheers, see you in the green room.


Bring on the film fashion…

January 22, 2012 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Fassbinder, film, German film, V & A Museum | Leave a comment
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.…I absolutely cannot wait for this:

My only quandary is which Fassbinder character to go as: Veronika Voss, Petra von Kant or Lola?

On the subject of Fassbinder (not to be confused with Michael Fassbender), I insist you all watch the BRD Trilogie right now.  The man is a total ledge.

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