Alls Well That Amends Well

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So, The Guardian have responded to my incessant requests to put a correction on my Good to Meet You column. This is good, as I like injustice to be resolved (yes, I realise there are far more unjust things happening in the world, but in my own world, I like to have the record straight: I don’t like people thinking I’ve said something when I haven’t).

I’m glad that corrections have been made, both online and and in today’s print edition, mostly because the stickler in me likes things to be right, but mostly because it has renewed my faith in my favourite newspaper. Had corrections not been made, I might have defected to this newspaper.

You can misquote me on that

February 20, 2012 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Journalism, Literature | Leave a comment
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Fellow Twitterers, family and friends will know that I appeared in Good to Meet You in the Guardian on Saturday. I was thrilled to appear in this column; it’s one of my favourite parts of the Saturday Guardian.

I wasn’t so thrilled, however, to discover, when my insomnia nudged me awake at 3am Saturday morning, that my photo had been posted sideways on the Guardian website. Yes, I admit to being vain, but reader, I resembled, and do still, as they’ve failed to align it correctly yet, one of those feature-distorting fairground mirrors. Luckily, I look reasonably sane in the print edition.

What’s more, not only did they make out that I’d said that my father had stopped buying the Times (I didn’t; I said only that he subscribes to the Guardian now), they also quoted me as saying that J. B Priestley came from Deal. I never said that: I mentioned only that he had lived here.

Now, I’m not a journalist, and apart from having an aptitude for writing, I know nothing about how to produce a newspaper. (I did start a journalism course, but I quit it because learning shorthand bored me.). However, I do know that media content, whether it is online or printed, should be as professional and accurate as possible. Is it too much to ask that the Guardian responds to my request to align my photo correctly? Apparently so, as I still look as though the photo was taken sideways about an inch away from my face.

I love the Guardian, but I’m not very happy with it at the moment. And you can quote me on that.

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