Or vote for change. Vote Swedish horse.

May 6, 2010 at 6:38 am | Posted in election, politics | 2 Comments
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You know it makes sense

Despite being besieged by the Conservatives in the form of personalised letters from Cameron himself (it’s as if he actually knows me – how creepy is that?), and besieged by Labour in the form of Gwyn Prosser’s tying a red balloon to Jude’s pushchair last week, I am still undecided.  I know that I have to vote by 10pm, but I’m still not sure which L will sway me – Labour or Lib Dem?

Cameron’s policies make me sick.  He’s the anti-Robin Hood; the richest will get more tax breaks and one fifth of Sure Start centres will go with him as Prime Minister.  I would never vote Tory anyway, but his policies wouldn’t exactly be an incentive for me to do so, were I ever completely to change my beliefs (see you at the ice rink in hell).

So I say, vote Swedish horse.  It will stand there and look pretty while we storm the Houses of Parliament and remove whomever happens to get in (does it really matter – will they really solve youth unemployment and increase the state pension and Jobseeker’s Allowance?).  Who needs a Prime Minister who speaks, when you can have a pretty wooden equine?  Let’s just hope it’s not a Trojan.


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